Peer-reviewed articles

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  1. Martin Gerlach, Tiago P. Peixoto, and Eduardo G. Altmann
    "A network approach to topic models"
    → Code: hSBM_Topicmodel

  2. Laercio Dias, Martin Gerlach, Joachim Scharloth, and Eduardo G. Altmann
    "Using text analysis to quantify the similarity and evolution of scientific disciplines"
    Royal Society Open Science 5,171545 (2018) or arXiv:1706.08671

  3. Eduardo G. Altmann, Laercio Dias, and Martin Gerlach
    "Generalized Entropies and the Similarity of Texts"
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics 2017,014002 (2017) or arXiv:1611.03596

  4. Jorge C. Leitão, Jose M. Miotto, Martin Gerlach, and Eduardo G. Altmann
    "Is this scaling nonlinear?"
    Royal Society Open Science 3,150649 (2016) or arXiv:1604.02872
    → Data & code: zenodo.49367

  5. Martin Gerlach, Francesc Font-Clos, and Eduardo G. Altmann
    "Similarity of symbol frequency distributions with heavy tails"
    Physical Review X 6,021009 (2016) or arXiv:1510.00277
    → Media Coverage:
        APS Focus: How to Compare Books or Genomes
        Physics Today: Fine-tuning our view of how language changes
        Ria Novotny: Mathematicians have a new look at changing languages (Russian)

  6. Eduardo G. Altmann and Martin Gerlach
    "Statistical laws in linguistics"
    Chapter in the Book Creativity and Universality in Language , M. Degli Esposti, E.G. Altmann, and F. Pachet (Eds.), Springer (2016)
    Springer link or arXiv:1502.03296

  7. Martin Gerlach and Eduardo G. Altmann
    "Scaling laws and fluctuations in the statistics of word frequencies"
    New Journal of Physics 16,113010 (2014) or arXiv:1406.4441

  8. Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad*, Martin Gerlach*, Jose M. Miotto, and Eduardo G. Altmann (*: equal contribution)
    "Extracting information from S-curves of language change"
    Journal of The Royal Society Interface 11, 20141044 (2014) or arXiv:1406.4498
    → Data and code: m9.figshare.1172265
    → Media Coverage: Spiegel Online, Swiss Radio SRF4-News

  9. Martin Gerlach and Eduardo G. Altmann
    "Stochastic Model for the Vocabulary Growth in Natural Languages"
    Physical Review X 3, 021006 (2013) or arXiv:1212.1362

  10. Martin Gerlach, Sebastian Wüster, and Jan-Michael Rost
    "Kicking Electrons"
    Journal of Physics B 45, 235204 (2012) or arXiv:1110.1545
    → Selected for Highlights of 2012

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